Storage and Stimulation of human emotions over time.

human brainAs a “Senior Design Project” student, my mind has been wandering off to various ideas and imaginations over the past few days. There is one such brainchild which I want to share (not sure if people are already working on this field). The multidisciplinary studies between neurobiology and engineering often study the human brain and predict patterns in which a human would respond. Once again, there are numerous projects in the “Big Data” industry which are being conducted in this field. However, such projects are examining human behavior and generating algorithms for predictions. Have you ever felt like storing a particular feeling and experiencing it all over again whenever you wanted it? It is like that one day in a year that you want to re-live. There is enough advancement in image capturing to store high-quality images and videos. BUT, what if there was a method with which human emotions and feelings could be stored and stimulated on demand? The episode named “San Junipero” (Black Mirror, Season 3, Episode 4) is something that somewhat reflects my thinking. ┬áJust some food for thought.