The epitome of financial literacy

jacks-stands-marketplace-shark-tank  SO, a post after a really long time. This one really drove me to do so. Lately, I have been watching a lot of “Shark Tank” episodes and watching numerous entrepreneurs pitch in their ideas to the mammoths of investment sector. Today, I watched a 10 year old young entrepreneur (not a kid in my eyes) explain his own company that teaches entrepreneurship to other kids of his age category. What amused me more than his concept was his sheer vision of the world and also, his confident personality when delivering his speech. When I was 10, all I wished for was a new toy in the market. When Jack is 10, he is giving an opportunity to the likes of Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca to be a part of his vision. I think this is where nurturing plays a huge role. In my opinion, we need the nurturing that Jack had in every household around the world. And then, there will be no room for poverty and terrorism in this world. Be like Jack.

Read more about this story. Also, watch the video yourself and feel motivated.

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